Services and distribution for telecom-infrastructures

Amadys's entities offer a complete package of products, trainings and service after sales for all telecom needs. These companies are your logistical partner to deliver fiber, copper and other materials needed for an FTTx roll-out. They cover all passive equipment, from the central office where the signal departs to the delivery point.

amadys telecom
amadys telecom cable
  • Products range: Adapters, cables, ducting, installation equipment, manholes, closures, pigtails, microducts, etc.
  • For whom? Large telecom operators, utilities, transportation companies and telecom installers
  • Position: Within the telecom market, Amadys has a large market share thanks to its close relationship with major telecom operators, its exclusive collaboration with various suppliers and its comprehensive product range. Amadys is active on the Belgian and the Dutch market

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