Gas distribution in customer premises

The Amadys group is active at all levels of the gas distribution network. We supply both materials for the transport as well as for the storage of natural gas. The distribution to the house or business also belongs to the Amadys action area. Thanks to the launch of PLT (Pliable Tubing) the transport and installation of tubes is far more cost-efficient than before.

amadys gas
amadys gas buis
  • Product range: Collectors, tools, measuring devices, repair pieces, fittings, house connection materials, pipes and couplings, valves, signaling and accessories
  • For whom? Inter-municipal cooperations, utilities and wholesalers in Belgium and Luxemburg
  • Position: Through innovation and a large product range, Amadys has a strong position within the gas market. We work closely together with our clients and have a strong partnership with various suppliers

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